Our mission at The Monarch Studio is to provide support and play for growing families.  Our beautiful studio has the timeless charm of pressed tin walls and ceilings, creating a very welcoming feel.  Those that enter say the space has “healing and tranquil” feel to it.  It is an open room, flooded with natural light allowing plenty of room for adults to gather and children to play, learn, and discover. As you enter the front door there are welcoming benches to sit and remove your shoes and ample room to park strollers.  Our large windows have curtains that block the view from the street creating privacy for our classes and support groups.  We have extremely comfortable folding floor chairs that adults and children love.  We ensure the studio is cleaned regularly with natural cleaning products and disinfectants.

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Lauren Evans, the owner and visionary behind The Monarch Studio, has a degree in Visual Communication, a background in the areas of child development and wellness and over a decade of experience in logistics. She believes each child is unique and special and loves working with them to bring out their innate talents and strengths. Lauren herself is a mom of two inspiring children.

In addition, Lauren completed a Doula training at The Family Life Center in Albany, NY and Herbal Medicine trainings at Rooted Wisdom in Stowe, VT and The North American College of Botanical Medicine in Albuquerque, NM. She has a long time interest and passion for women’s rights and a love of children and the arts. Lauren’s hope is for The Monarch Studio to always be a place that supports families during the exciting and challenging years of raising children.